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Machine Learning and Data Mining consulting

Want to get the most out of your data?
We bring your company the key to build your own Data Analysis solutions without giving lectures.

The Playn approach

Gathering data without putting it to good use is an absolute waste. We coach you on how to get the most out of your data on the task at hand. And in the mean time we make sure you can solve future data problems yourself.

Big Data Playn

Even though it is a buzz word, many companies collect or want to collect more and more data. We help you to get the most out of your data.

Playn Data Mining

To get the most out of your data we bring you the knowhow of the best Data Analysis and Data Mining techniques such as Machine Learning

Playn Machine Learning

The state-of-the-art in Data Mining and a subfield of Artificial Intelligence where algorithms learn from examples with a little human help.


Company X has an assembly line and wants automate the quality analysis to reduce the workload. They want to develop an algorithm that grades the quality based on an image of the product.
- or -
Company Y has a user database and knows which users have bought which products. Now they want to advise other products the users might like to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

At Playn we help you to identify economically viable automation opportunities and we guide you on how to build an algorithm that can do this processing in 3 steps. We are specialised in Machine Learning, a technique that automates this process such that it significantly reduces the time and money required to develop a working algorithm.

1. Opportunities

First we analyse the company workflow and collaborate on finding the possible automation opportunities and investigate their economic viability.

2. Machine Learning

For each of the viable opportunities we provide approaches to look for features, distinguishing properties of the data. With these features we show how you can automatically train Machine Learning algorithms that generate the required outcome.

3. Practical evaluation

In the last step we show how to evaluate the algorithm in practice. If it does not meet the required expectations we show how you can repeat step 2 with a more complex approach, until the result meets the requirements.


Pieter Buteneers

Machine Learning aficionado with a PhD and a drive to spread the word,
a TEDx speaker with an MBA.

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